Tunapanda’s new graffiti

Tunapanda Institute’s look has been enhanced!

Last week, Tunapanda’s look got enhanced through the use of graffiti. In exchange for a web design service, Bankslave, one of the graffiti artists in Nairobi had a chance to “use our wall as his canvas”. Our inner court’s wall was the canvas.

Bankslave’s passion for art (specifically street graffiti) started at a younger age. He grew up in Kibera watching the best and worst cultures of the slum. He uses his graffiti as a way to voice out his opinions to the world — he uses graffiti to express himself. He appreciates good cultures and condemns bad norms in the society through his art. He has a good portfolio which is worth checking out at www.bankslave.art. He has been featured on some of the biggest media houses such as CNN (where he was referred to as “The founding father of Kenyan graffiti”) and The Guardian (where he was among the artists in Kenya who are trying to battle against ‘vulture politicians’).

Through his work, Bankslave has had the chance of travelling to Europe to exercise his skills in graffiti. Some of the countries that Bankslave have travelled to with the aim of doing graffiti include Italy, Germany, Australia, among others.

He applied the experience and creativity that he gained from her previous works to nicely paint our wall.

He “graffitied” our name (Tunapanda Institute) in a way that is appealing to the eyes, which is exactly what graffiti should do. He separated “Tuna” from “panda” by a woman’s face. The face symbolizes the hope and fortitude that our graduates have when facing the world. We believe we are injecting our trainees with the necessary skills that will help them find their ways into the real world — to get employed or start their own companies.

Bankslave also incorporated the technological aspect of our institution by using 010101 (binary code) and tech tree symbols.

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