NFT Auction of Eliud Kipchoge’s Mural, the Greatest Marathoner Ever

A digital mural of Kipchoge, the greatest marathoner to ever walk the Earth, is up for sale as an NFT (click here to buy). Kipchoge is the first man in the world to run a 42-kilometres-marathon in under 2 hours (1:58:40). Own an original digital copy of Kipchoge’s mural. The mural physically exists at the heart of Nairobi city (along Kenyatta Avenue). He who buys this a) appreciates and promotes Bankslave’s revered legacy as a world-known graffiti artist who uses the art to advocate for social change while showing respect to the world’s legends – he has done paintings of icons as such Lupita Nyong’o, Mohamed Ali, Barack Obama, and Dedan Kimathi and b) Financially support Bankslave and many other upcoming graffiti artists he mentors.

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